Happy holidays!


So I guess I knew this intellectually, but wow, Americans do Christmas hard core.  There’s the rampant consumerism, of course, but I think that’s probably a given at this point.  I’ve been genuinely impressed, though, by the decorations!  Coming from a town where there are perpetual arguments in the local paper about bogans ruining everybody’s Christmas by pissing on the giant Christmas tree, it’s quite nice to see actual effort going into displays.  Union Square in San Francisco has taken decorating to a whole new level.  The tree in the photos below is real, a 24 metre high fir that’s covered in 1,500 lights.  The stores that surround Union Square also get fully into the spirit, with Macy’s taking it to a whole new level of ridiculousness.

The tree, with the St Francis hotel in the background.

Same tree, now at night! Craziness!

The front entrance of Macy's. There was another building to the left of this - every window in that one also had a wreath in it.

This is California, so of course there are palm trees covered in fairy lights.

A crappy phone picture of the frankly disappointing menorah which basically looked like scaffolding. Although, next to that Christmas tree anything's going to look pretty lame.


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