DC mini-break?


On Wednesday last week I was fully fed-up with the ongoing bother and boredom associated with job and house hunting so decided to take the day off and do the “tourist thing.”

It’d snowed the night before but the sun was out and shining bright, so the Capitol Building and the National Mall both looked rather stunning.

At the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History there was a giant crocheted coral reef. You know, the kind of thing you come across every day. It’s apparently partially funded by the Embassy of Australia, which is an… interesting way of promoting the country abroad.

A further wander down the Mall was the American History Museum, which I’d missed out on seeing the last time in DC because it was closed for major renovations. Lots of interesting stuff; didn’t get a chance to see it all.

There’s a giant statue of Washington that never made it to its intended home in the Capitol Rotunda because some thought that old George was “inappropriately dressed.” I can see their argument.

They have Julia Child’s entire kitchen, complete with every pot, pan and cookbook.

According to the “Americans at War” exhibition, the US almost singlehandedly won World War I for the Allies, and World War II started in 1941. Which was… interesting. I did like this poster of German Darth Vader watching us all.

Michelle Obama’s Inauguration dress is already in the First Ladies exhibition. I loved the contrast between all the mannequins – white, white, white, white… not white!

All in all, a very nice day.


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