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I went for a walk down past the White House and along the National Mall today. Lovely stuff, and I’ll post some more photos soon. But in the meantime, spotted this sign a street over from the White House: The Office of Thrift Supervision? Wtf?! It is apparently a real thing, a government agency that’s […]

… mostly photos of food, to be honest. It was my birthday on Sunday! Hooray! I guess? Firmly mid-twenties now, on the way to late twenties. Argh. But! Despite looming old age I had a lovely day. Birthday eating really started on the Saturday, when my awesome housemates took me out for lunch to Hard […]

I stayed in a Quaker Hostel, of all places, for a few nights back in January when I was between places to live. This map was hanging in the communal dining room, and I took a picture of it simply because it reminded me of the Cartographers for Social Equality on The West Wing. “It’s […]

Freedom Riders


Last night after work I walked down* to the National Museum of American History for an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides, one of the defining events of the Civil Rights era. The main event was a screening of the new PBS American Experience Documentary “Freedom Riders” which debuts on tv over […]

OMG an update


So, that was a bit of a long time between drinks, as it were. Apologies, to my five or so loyal readers. I do have various excuses: THUNDERSNOW!, losing power for four days due to the THUNDERSNOW because I’ve apparently moved to a third world country where they have difficulty keeping the lights on, getting […]