OMG an update


So, that was a bit of a long time between drinks, as it were. Apologies, to my five or so loyal readers. I do have various excuses: THUNDERSNOW!, losing power for four days due to the THUNDERSNOW because I’ve apparently moved to a third world country where they have difficulty keeping the lights on, getting a job immediately after the THUNDERSNOW… it’s been hectic! Well, maybe not hectic, as I’m only working part-time. But, you know, shit’s been happening.

I have lived in Canada, so I’ve seen my fair share of snow. But this thundersnow malarky is a whole different story. On the Wednesday the storm hit I’d spent the day meandering around DC with a friend who was in town. The weather was surprisingly nice, up until the point where we thought we’d wander down to the Lincoln Memorial to say hello. That’s when the freezing rain started, which is a perfectly lovely type of precipitation to see national monuments in. We abandoned Lincoln and instead headed north up to Dupont Circle.

When I got on the metro at Dupont at about 4pm the snow was just starting to fall. “This won’t be so bad,” I thought. Yeah, that was stupid. The trains were running fine, but when I got off at Rockville… thundersnow! Which, in case like me you’d never heard of it, means that there’s thunder and lightning at the same time as it’s snowing. Truly bizarre. I walked home from the metro station because the buses didn’t seem to be running, and I didn’t make it a block before there was an enormous bang, the sky turned blue, and all the streetlights went out. Here, have some crappy phone photos of what the streets looked like on the walk (these streets were all completely clear of snow when I’d left that morning):

Mmm, snow.

We lost power on Wednesday night of the storm, and didn’t get it back until Sunday morning. I’m proud (?) to say I toughed it out until Saturday. The cold wasn’t too bad (we lost heat as well, of course), which is why I didn’t take my roommates up on their generous offer of going to stay with them with friends. But in the end I really really just needed a shower. And maybe a cup of tea.

Woe is me, sitting in the dark.

So I cracked and checked into the local Hilton. There’s not much an enormous room service dinner and the best goddamn shower of my entire life won’t cure.

Mmm, complimentary nuts.

So yes, I “survived” the thundersnow storm of 2011, although in the scheme of things it was laughingly small, especially in comparison to what Chicago had to deal with last week. Really what I survived was the “long power outage of 2011 caused by Pepco‘s incompetence.”


3 Responses to “OMG an update”

  1. 1 matthew

    hahahaha. Mmmm….complimentary nuts. The best time of nuts.

    Do you have complimentary nut weight?

  2. 2 Candice

    I was missing you! I was checking all the time to see the next post.. YAY! Maddy is back baby.. WOOOOOooooo

  3. 3 justsomethings

    Candice, you’re officially my favourite. 🙂

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