A selection of photos


I stayed in a Quaker Hostel, of all places, for a few nights back in January when I was between places to live. This map was hanging in the communal dining room, and I took a picture of it simply because it reminded me of the Cartographers for Social Equality on The West Wing. “It’s freaking me out!”

Befitting a national capital, the advertising on the metro here often has a bit of a political slant. The last time I was here my closest metro station was Capitol South, which serves all of the House of Representatives office buildings. I remember a particularly gruesome campaign at that station to do with the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska. This ad, which I saw yesterday on the train home, is in the same “advertising targetting politicians and their staffers”… but a lot more inexplicable. “Muslims for loyalty”?!

The E Street Cinema is a cool arthouse-y place in downtown DC… who have a strangely large selection of tim-tams for sale at the Candy Bar. Each packet costs 7 bucks, however.

This was hanging in the toilets of World Market, a homewares/food/other random stuff chain of stores over here.

I went to Ben’s Chili Bowl in January with a couple of friends who were visiting. The place is a DC institution, and famously Obama is supposedly a fan. But after tasting the food, I have to believe that he’s a fan of the publicity he gets everytime he goes, and not of the actual stuff he eats. It was gross! Biggest letdown ever.


2 Responses to “A selection of photos”

  1. 1 Candice

    I dont know how you even put that Ben’s Chilli Bowl THING in your mouth. Its like a turd in a bun LOL Sorry! LOL It looks dirty as LOL

    (You know i’m always good for a poo/fart joke, but right now I am lost for words)

  2. 2 justsomethings

    Oh god, it was so gross, Candice. It tastes slightly better than it looks, but that’s not really saying anything, is it? Even the chips weren’t all that good, which is the only thing that really could’ve saved the evening.

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