A day in photos


… mostly photos of food, to be honest.

It was my birthday on Sunday! Hooray! I guess? Firmly mid-twenties now, on the way to late twenties. Argh. But! Despite looming old age I had a lovely day.

Birthday eating really started on the Saturday, when my awesome housemates took me out for lunch to Hard Times Cafe, a chain of restaurants that started in the local area. There was delicious chili! And cornbread! (Which I’d never tried before, and which I was quite taken with.) But I left my phone in the car like an idiot, so there are no photos. Sad face.

On Sunday I had planned to go to an awesome cafe nearby for delicious pancake-y breakfast goodness, but when I got there the place was crazy packed. So instead I headed round the corner to The Fractured Prune, an unfortunately named donut place which seems to have a bit of a cult following. I had a breakfast bagel, and then because you can’t go to a donut shop without having a donut, I got this:

That is a “myrna medley”, a combination of chocolate glaze, chocolate jimmies, and peanuts (according to the website). It was certainly tasty, but I’m not sure I’d want to eat it on a regular basis. Too sweet even for me.

I then hopped on the metro and headed for downtown DC, ending up at the National Museum of the American Indian. Sure, I visited because it’s one of the few Smithsonians that I’d yet to see. But let’s be honest, the main reason was that I’d heard that the cafe was amazing. This is what I got:

I probably should’ve chosen something else for the main (got have got buffalo!) as the burritos were a bit of a disappointment. But! That pickled green mango and prickly pear salad on the side was amazing. And the beer with which I washed it all down wasn’t half bad, either.

The museum itself… wow, world’s most po-mo museum? Might be. They’ve clearly tried hard to consult with tribal communities, but it’s possible to over consult. The whole thing is really lacking in coherence.

After that I wandered across the mall to the National Gallery of Art. Do I sound like an insufferable snob if I say that it’s not my favourite art gallery in DC? It is a stunning building, and they do a lovely afternoon tea.

Mmm, macaroons. I also liked this statue. “Yeah, I’m just chillin’.”

When I got home I discovered that my housemates had made me a cake! Complete with icing! And candles! Did I mention that they are awesome?

Mmm, cake.

After all of that all I wanted was something without refined sugar, so my dinner was apple and cheese. Mmm, apple and cheese.

So that was a birthday of eating. But! It didn’t end there. Because on Tuesday a package from my parentals arrived that contained this bounty of loot:

Mmm, lollies. (Not to mention mmm, Women’s Weekly!). Has anyone else tried those sours from the Natural Confectionery Company? Jesus christ they’re like crack. Can’t stop eating them.

And one last photo – I also got this beautiful bunch of flowers from the parentals. The lillies have opened in the last day or so and my room now smells incredible.

Hooray for birthdays!


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