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(Catching up on posts here! Sorry, I’m a bit behind. As usual.) So, last week on Monday I popped up to New York after work for two nights. Because that’s what you can do when you live on the Eastern Seaboard; pop up to New York. I love how close everything is! I went a […]

Has anyone else seen the movie Drumline? God, is that movie ever a guilty pleasure of mine. I have a random love of sports movies, and Drumline is like the ultimate sports movie… but with drumming. I mention this because today I came across the drumline from the Washington Showstoppers marching band, and they were […]

Spotted on my walk this afternoon, in lovely, glorious, fabulous sunshine: Buds on trees! Daffodils! Very, very exciting.

Fish ‘n Chips


There’s not too much food I miss from Australia. I’d pretty much given up drinking coffee before I left, so I haven’t been too put out by the weak dross they serve here. Supermarket shopping does take me considerably longer, but that’s mostly because I’m not always familiar with the brands, and converting from pounds […]

Twice a year (Presidents’ Day and Veterans’ Day) the Library of Congress opens the main reading room in the Jefferson Building to visitors. The rest of the year only researchers can step onto the reading room floor, and even then there’s a strictly enforced “no photographs” policy. Luckily I timed my visit to go on […]

National Mall


A while ago I mentioned that I’d taken a walk down the Mall, and said that I’d post some pictures. So, um, two weeks later, here they are. In the Constitution Gardens, to one side of the Reflecting Pool, is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Maya Ying Lin was only 21 when she won the design […]

I’m alive!


Hmm, two weeks since my last post. That’s not all that good, is it? Apologies – my site stats tell me that there at least five of you who come by every day to check for an update. Dedication! Unfounded dedication, but still. No real reason/excuse for the lack of updates. I’ve been feeling a […]