I’m alive!


Hmm, two weeks since my last post. That’s not all that good, is it? Apologies – my site stats tell me that there at least five of you who come by every day to check for an update. Dedication! Unfounded dedication, but still.

No real reason/excuse for the lack of updates. I’ve been feeling a bit generally “meh” the last couple of weeks, for no one particular reason. There’s a few things going on back in Australia that I’d like to be back home for, and nothing particularly exciting’s been happening over here to I guess “compensate”.

Thursday did mark the three month mark since I arrived in the States. This is only a big deal in as much as three months is the amount of time you can stay in the country on a normal tourist visa (or on a normal visa waiver, which is what most Australians get). So from this point on I’m getting the full value from my very expensive J1 visa? Plus the whole “able to earn money” thing, but my paychecks are so laughably small that I’m not sure this counts.

Really I just need to get myself organised and work out some travel plans for the next three months, especially now that the weather’s getting nicer and, touch wood, we’re finally done with stupid snow. I’m heading up to New York next week for a very quick trip to see Radiolab live. VERY EXCITED. May also do a tour of the UN, to round out my geeky expedition. Radiolab live! Stuff like this reminds me why I came over here in the first place. Note to self: do stuff like this more often.


3 Responses to “I’m alive!”

  1. 1 Candice

    is it wrong that I stalk you for updates? MY BAD! LOL

    • 2 justsomethings

      Not bad at all! I love your devoted following, Candice 🙂 In fact, several times over the last few weeks I’ve thought to myself, “damn, I really should update the blog, or Candice will get angry…”

  2. 3 Susannah

    I stalk your blog too! I love your photos and updates. You should link them from facebook too.

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