Library of Congress


Twice a year (Presidents’ Day and Veterans’ Day) the Library of Congress opens the main reading room in the Jefferson Building to visitors. The rest of the year only researchers can step onto the reading room floor, and even then there’s a strictly enforced “no photographs” policy. Luckily I timed my visit to go on one of the two days I could take pictures! Lots and lots and lots of them.

The room is enormous (the dome is 48 metres high), so getting good photos that show the scale of the place was a tad difficult.

There’s also a card catalog! Which was open! Apparently researchers can come in and use it, which I find wonderfully quaint. No new cards have been added since the 1980s, which is nice, but it still has 22 million cards. Which is mind-boggling.


Good to see they have pneumatic tubes, just like at the Nash.

Mmm, LoC subject headings...

There were lots of library staff around, answering questions, demonstrating how to use the catalogue, encouraging people to use the collection to research their family history (arrrggghhh). They also, slightly bizarrely, had a giant tv screen playing National Treasure 2, and in the centre of the room this sign was tacked up next to a doorway:


OH MY GOD freaky Kevin Rudd’s freakishly young doppelgänger! Apologies for the crappy picture, but it’s really hard to take stealth photos of the evil clones of former Australian prime ministers.


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  1. 1 Candice

    hehehe Kevin Rudd’s freakishly young doppelgänger!! hehehehe

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