National Mall


A while ago I mentioned that I’d taken a walk down the Mall, and said that I’d post some pictures. So, um, two weeks later, here they are.

There was a small protest going on outside the White House in support of, I think, opposition movements in Bahrain. To be honest there've been so many similar protests in DC recently it's a little hard to keep track. Does that sound awful?

The Washington Monument, in all its phallic glory. Also, ducks.

In the Constitution Gardens, to one side of the Reflecting Pool, is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Maya Ying Lin was only 21 when she won the design competition for the memorial. It’s an incredible space; Lin said at the time, “I though about what death is, what a loss is. A sharp pain that lessens with time, but can never quite heal over. A scar. The idea occurred to me there on the site. Take a knife and cut open the earth, and with time the grass would heal it. As if you cut open the rock and polished it.”

The Memorial is all below ground level; you walk down a slope next to these enormous stone slabs.

(I’d just like to add here that I’m really happy with how those two last photos turned out. Yay reflections?)

Headed up in the direction of the Lincoln Memorial, which is also moving, but in a very diferent way.

Yo, Lincoln!

The Gettysburg Address is on one wall, and on the other is Lincoln's Second Inaugural.

The Reflecting Pool is looking decidedly worse for wear at the moment - there's a major Recovery Act project going on to revitalise the Mall, and that involves draining the pool and surrounding it with temporary fencing.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial is on the other side of the Mall, almost directly opposite the Vietnam Memorial.

And then I walked up to Chinatown and had frozen yoghurt. As you do.


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