Fish ‘n Chips


There’s not too much food I miss from Australia. I’d pretty much given up drinking coffee before I left, so I haven’t been too put out by the weak dross they serve here. Supermarket shopping does take me considerably longer, but that’s mostly because I’m not always familiar with the brands, and converting from pounds to kilograms does my head in. I have been finding it strangely difficult to buy udon noodles, of all things, but that’s not exactly a life or death situation.

I have, however, been experiencing a deep longing for fish and chips.

What we would call a “takeaway shop” doesn’t exist over here. The local 7-Eleven has disgusting hot dogs sitting in display cases all day, but that doesn’t even come close to what I was desiring. For a country that loves to deep fry basically anything the scarcity of fish and chips over here mystifies me.

But surely somewhere in this city I could get a deep fried piece of fish and some chips! Refusing to be thwarted, on Saturday I did some in-depth research on the topic – must find fish and chips! By in-depth research I do, of course, mean that I googled “fish and chips dc”. While they may not do a good takeaway over here, Americans do like review sites, so using the combined powers of yelp and chowhound I focused in on Eamonn’s in Alexandria.

The location is demonstration enough, I think, of how desperate I was for fish and chips. To travel from my stop of Rockville to King Street, Alexandria on the metro takes… an hour. Add to that a 15 minute walk at either end, and I essentially travelled an hour and a half to eat some fish and chips.

Was it worth it? Um… maybe? The chips were a bit soggy, but it was good quality fish. But let’s be perfectly honest here: I wasn’t looking for good quality fish and gourmet chips, double fried or some such nonsense. No, I wanted delicious delicious frozen fish and frozen chips from the awesome chicken shop (that also sold delicious delicious pide!) near where I used to live in Canberra.

Until Eamonn’s refuses to change their frying oil for a good decade or so, and buys their fish in frozen and pre-battered, I fear there’s no hope for me. I’ll just have to wait until I’m back in Australia to get real fish and chips.


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