New York, New York


(Catching up on posts here! Sorry, I’m a bit behind. As usual.)

So, last week on Monday I popped up to New York after work for two nights. Because that’s what you can do when you live on the Eastern Seaboard; pop up to New York. I love how close everything is! I went a bit fancy and took the train instead of the bus. Train travel – another thing I love. People tend to say very mean things about Amtrak, but I have not had one bad experience yet.

Anyway, I went to New York to see another thing I love: the WNYC science radio show/podcast Radiolab. This was possibly the nerdiest trip ever, but I had managed to snag a ticket to Radiolab Live: Symmetry at NYU on the Tuesday night. And snag is definitely the right word to use – the first NYC show sold out in a matter of hours, but thankfully they added an extra night.

Before the show, however, I had a whole day in New York. The night I arrived, as I was walking to my hotel, I came across Times Square – completely by accident. In Times Square there was a mini on the side of a building:

… and a crew shooting New Years Eve 2012. RANDOM. The interwebs tells me that it’s for a movie entitled, strangely enough, New Years Eve, and that it was indeed Ryan Seacrest and Mayor Michael Bloomberg presiding over the festivities. So now I can say I’ve done New Years in Times Square… in March. Have some crappy photos off my phone to prove I was there:

Also randomly stumbled across on my way to the hotel: Rockefeller Center!

I had big plans for Tuesday – eating, walking, museum-ing. Unfortunately I only made it through the first two before I fell over like a stupid person, on my way to the United Nations. I still did the tour of the UN, but like a sad person spent the rest of the day in bed sleeping – I was already feeling a bit crappy, and falling flat on my face didn’t exactly help matters. True story: I didn’t realise that I’d ripped open the back of my jeans until the next day… after wearing them around New York and DC. All class, this woman.

The General Assembly:

The temporary Security Council meeting room (building where they usually meet is being gutted and fully renovated):

Evil “Dove of Peace” on a poster in the gift shop:

After my nanna-nap I was feeling a lot better, ready to tackle the real reason for my trip: nerdy podcast goodness.

Yeah, I bought a t-shirt. My nerdiness knows no bounds. But really, who can go past a goat on a cow?! (For extra nerd credit: interpretive dance version of goat on a cow.)

I didn’t take any photos of the audience, but please believe me when I say there were shit load of hipsters. The number of “manigans” in that audience was off the charts. On the plus side: yay for young people listening to radio! On the negative: hipsters. Apparently Ira Glass was in the audience though, which is pretty awesome.

The show itself was wonderful. It was fascinating to see how they put the show together, and for an added bonus the cellist Zoë Keating played the music live. I don’t know much about the modern cello music scene, but I godamnit I know what I like. And I like Zoë Keating. Hot tip: I discovered in 2009 that her music is fantastic to write theses to.

Sneaky photo I took of Jad and Robert “in action”:

After the show I went and got a coffee at a local cafe, and then headed in the direction of the subway. On Broadway I almost tripped over a guy trying to hail a cab… it took a comically embarrassing double-take to realise that it was, in fact, Jad Abumrad that I’d almost collided with. So if by any chance you read this, Mr Abumrad: apologies for almost running in to you, then staring awkwardly while I waited for the light to change so I could cross the road. You’re awesome? And not just because you took a picture of the audience from the stage, and I’m totes in the photo!


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