The Sound of Drums*


Has anyone else seen the movie Drumline? God, is that movie ever a guilty pleasure of mine. I have a random love of sports movies, and Drumline is like the ultimate sports movie… but with drumming.

I mention this because today I came across the drumline from the Washington Showstoppers marching band, and they were awesome. They’d set up opposite the Verizon Centre in downtown DC and were just going for it on a street corner. I did take a short video of them in action, but it doesn’t seem to want to embed, so just go here to watch it. And then come back? That’d be lovely.

I’d actually seen these guys for the first time about a month ago, at the Chinese New Year parade that was held on the same block. The parade itself was pretty so-so (and the much hyped “lighting of the giant fire cracker” afterwards was laughably awful), but the band were fantastic. They only bring out the awesome hats for special occasions, I guess.

If you’re in the mood for some more hot DC drumline action, check out the Howard University group, one of the best in the country:

I could seriously watch marching band videos all day. You now all know my secret shame.

* Nerdy Doctor Who reference ftw!


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