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Yesterday afternoon I headed over to Capitol Hill to spend some time at my favourite coffee shop (nutella lattes!). Afterwards I bought a burritto and ate dinner in front of the Capitol Building, then took a wander down the mall. The weather’s been crazy this week – in fact, there was a tornado watch in […]

Not too bad at all.

Last night I went to an event at the Newseum – as part of their “Reel Journalism” series they were screening The Philadelphia Story and hosting a discussion with Alan Greenspan and his wife Andrea Mitchell. I adore the movie and would’ve gone just for that, but the sheer incongruity of the event also had […]

Easter fun


Apparently painting eggs is a big thing over here for Easter! Who knew! Instead of hunting for chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday, you go hunting for painted eggs. My housemates were painting eggs on Friday night and I got to do a couple myself. I’m quite proud of this one: I also drew a map […]

Food weekend


The Whole Foods in my neighbourhood has recently relocated to bigger and better brand-spanking new premises, and on Saturday I wandered down to take a look. I have clearly not been to every supermarket chain in the world, but I am fairly confident when I say Whole Foods is the greatest supermarket chain on the […]

(Apologies in advance for the ridiculous length of this post. It kinda got away from me a little…) So! Almost two weeks ago I went to New York for the BBC America Doctor Who preview. While some people could say I’ve been very lazy in writing about it, I would counter with the argument that […]

So yeah, I went to New York for the Doctor Who premiere. Ended up waiting in line for fourteen hours. Watched the two-parter season opener, which won’t be shown in the US or the UK for another two weeks. Saw Matt Smith, and Steven Moffat, and other cool people. It was… good? Crap? Boring? Exhausting? […]