New York = Nerd?


The first time I visited New York, back in 2008, I went up to see Spamalot the musical on Broadway. The second visit was last month for Radiolab. And as I type I’m currently on a bus on my way to New York for the third time… to go to BBC America’s special advance screening of the season premiere of Doctor Who. Apparently I can only ever visit New York for deeply nerdy reasons.

Woohoo Doctor Who!

(Also: can we just talk for a minute about how cool it is that I can update my blog from my phone using the free bus wi-fi? The future is awesome, you guys.)


4 Responses to “New York = Nerd?”

  1. 1 Candice

    Free bus wi-fi! I want free bus wi-fi… although that would mean me catching a bus which I will need to reconsider

  1. 1 Just some things
  2. 2 Insert Doctor Who post here « Just some things
  3. 3 Epic Doctor Who recap post is epic « Just some things

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