The Philadelphia Story + Alan Greenspan = ?


Last night I went to an event at the Newseum – as part of their “Reel Journalism” series they were screening The Philadelphia Story and hosting a discussion with Alan Greenspan and his wife Andrea Mitchell. I adore the movie and would’ve gone just for that, but the sheer incongruity of the event also had its appeal. Also, there was free popcorn.

I confess I’d never heard of Andrea Mitchell before the event, but she is NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent and an impressive woman all on her own. How Alan Greenspan, twenty years her senior, managed to land such a, well, hottie, is a question for the ages. Greenspan is 85 and unfortunately played the part of the doddering old man very well – his answers were meandering, he continually repeated himself, and seemed obsessed with telling us all about how things were “back in the day.” The first movie he ever saw was silent, for pete’s sake.

Still, no event can be a complete washout when you’ve got Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Katherine Hepburn along for the ride.


2 Responses to “The Philadelphia Story + Alan Greenspan = ?”

  1. 1 Candice

    The only thing I got from this post was that you called a 60(?) year old a hottie


    • 2 justsomethings

      Well, “hottie” in a relative sense. Although pretty much everyone is a hottie in comparison to Alan Greenspan…

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