An Evening on the Mall


Yesterday afternoon I headed over to Capitol Hill to spend some time at my favourite coffee shop (nutella lattes!). Afterwards I bought a burritto and ate dinner in front of the Capitol Building, then took a wander down the mall.

The weather’s been crazy this week – in fact, there was a tornado watch in effect earlier that day – but the clouds had cleared, the wind had dropped, and it was a ridiculously gorgeous evening.

Sometimes I’m in two minds about what I’m doing over here – should I be back in Australia, with my friends and family,earning a real wage at a real job, yada yada yada.

And then I have an evening like this, where I walk down the National Mall watching a beautiful sunset, with the Capitol behind me and the Washington Monument ahead, literally surrounded by Smithsonian museums, the White House just a few hundred metres away… and I realise, hey, this is a pretty ok way to spend a year.

(I took all of these photos with my phone. The future is awesome, you guys.)


One Response to “An Evening on the Mall”

  1. 1 Emma Farnell

    I second the fact that this is a pretty awesome way to spend a year. And I have to admit that there is jealousy at your awesome trip. Enjoy the burrito….and the future (involving uber smart phones)

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