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Here are all the photos I took in North Carolina. I’m so sad I didn’t get to explore both Ashville and the hotel more, but we were working so hard I counted it as a success when I got more than five minutes of fresh air in a day. Advertisements

Spotted in Dupont Circle a few weeks ago. While I appreciate the intent… surely you should do dialysis according to the schedule of your kidneys?

When I left for North Carolina just over a week ago, the weather was lovely – sunny days and temperatures in the mid-twenties (celcius, obviously). When I got back from North Carolina five days later, summer had arrived. With a vengeance. Now temperatures are in the low to mid thirties, the humidity is high (right […]

So, no posts since May 5. Huh. That’s not good, is it? Things have been a little bit crazy busy here in the life of Mads, particularly work-wise. How about a quick run down of various things I’ve been up to, and then some photos after that? Ok. Here goes: Had dinner with strangers Grubwithus […]

The National Archives in this afternoon’s glorious sunshine (as seen across the fountain in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden). On the front of the building is carved this quote: The ties that bind the lives of our people in one indissoluble union are perpetuated in the archives of our government and to their custody this […]