Day at the Beach


When I left for North Carolina just over a week ago, the weather was lovely – sunny days and temperatures in the mid-twenties (celcius, obviously). When I got back from North Carolina five days later, summer had arrived. With a vengeance. Now temperatures are in the low to mid thirties, the humidity is high (right now: 82%), and we keep on getting massive thunderstorms at night. I think this summer could be… challenging, to say the least. Thank god for air-conditioning.

Which is a long way of saying that when my housemates suggested going to the beach yesterday, I was in like donkey kong. The beach at Sandy Point State Park is actually on Cheseapeake Bay, not the ocean, but when it’s that hot who’s going to quibble about where the water’s coming from. The breeze was beautiful, the water cool and refreshing, and while it seemed like half of Maryland was there they were all friendly and well behaved.

The beach looks out at the Chesepeake Bay Bridge – a beautiful, San Francisco-esque backdrop.

Sampled some local “delicacies” while I was there, including a cheese chili dog (with bonus view of an ANU t-shirt!):

And funnel cake, which is basically deep-fried batter with powered sugar on top (with bonus view of a baby hand!):

Both were surprisingly delicious! Funnel cake, in particular, is a keeper. Mmm, deep fried batter.


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