North Carolina adventures


Here are all the photos I took in North Carolina. I’m so sad I didn’t get to explore both Ashville and the hotel more, but we were working so hard I counted it as a success when I got more than five minutes of fresh air in a day.

The main hotel building. This section was opened in 1913; there are also two modern wings jutting out from each side that were added later.

Close up of the main building. There's a restaurant on the verandah there.

The view from the restaurant. When we sat down here for dinner the night we arrived this is what the scene looked like. Over the next couple of hours, however, an enormous storm rolled towards us - torrential rain, lightning, the works. Some of the lightning struck very, very close. It was absolutely incredible to watch. And then just like that, the weather returned to blue skies.

A slightly better shot of the view.

A rubbish photo of the main lobby. These fireplaces (there was another the same size opposite) were huge - made up of full on boulders. Inside this one was the elevator to the rooms in the main building.

The plaque on the room just a few doors down from me. Awesome.


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