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Ok, I did this on May 14. And I visited fifteen embassies. So yeah, possibly light on the details, heavy on the pictures? Here we go, in the order visited… South Korea Summary: cool art exhibition, awesome lolly table. Not much else.   Japan Summary: ROBOTS. There was some other stuff (including the only full […]

I started writing this post… a month ago. I toured the embassies themselves… almost two months ago. Wow, I’m really bad at this “timely updates” thing. Great Britain and Belgium were written a month ago, and so are quite detailed. Apologies to Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Estonia for the skimmage; I really just want to […]

Reading updates


Two new books added to my “books what I have read” list: The Sherlockian, Graham Moore The Kite Runner,¬†Khaled Hosseini Next on my “books what I will read” list: The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin (for book group) Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell (on Susannah’s recommendation)

Please Hold


New posts coming. I promise. I do, at least, have a decent excuse this time: along with a bazillion photos I also brought back a yucky cold from Chicago. Until such time as I can think clearly through all the mucus (mmm), have this photo I took at the National Gallery.

Blogging from the tarmac. (On some delta flights I could even blog from 10,000 feet. The future is awesome.)



It should be illegal for a city to be this attractive. More photos (many, many more) to come!