Embassies Tour: Rest of the World Edition


Ok, I did this on May 14. And I visited fifteen embassies.

So yeah, possibly light on the details, heavy on the pictures? Here we go, in the order visited…

South Korea

Summary: cool art exhibition, awesome lolly table. Not much else.



Summary: ROBOTS. There was some other stuff (including the only full security search of the day), but mostly… ROBOTS.

The embassy building.

ROBOTS. To be more specific, a set of robot legs that can help you walk if you've had a spinal cord injury. The guy was plugged in somehow to the set hanging up; he was making it move just by thinking about it. The future is awesome.


Summary: beautiful building, fantastic dancing out the back.


Summary: um… colourful dancers? Sorry Bolivia, I’m not remembering much. From my photos there seemed to be some fairly creepy masks.


Summary: not a lot going on, although the salsa (I think?) demonstration was entertaining. And not just because one of the teachers got a bit over-enthusiastic and knocked over a small child. There was also free food, but apparently I didn’t take any photos. Sorry Venezuela.


Summary: sorry Croatia, no photos of you, either. I also have no memory of visiting this embassy, but my stamp booklet says I did. What happens in Croatia I guess…


Summary: Haiti has a really nice embassy building. Possibly too nice? They were also putting on a fairly lavish spread, including alcoholic beverages. To add to the awkwardness, all the information tables inside were from charities working in the country to alleviate poverty etc.

The Bahamas

Summary: the ambassador met everyone at the door, which was lovely. There were also conch fritters, which were surprisingly delicious. Good swag, too – got an awesome baggage tag.


Summary: absolutely incredible building (with a colourful past). They’ve possibly gone a bit overboard with the interior decorating, but it’s certainly impressive. They also had a mass playing of a traditional Indonesian instrument of some kind (can’t remember the name) – the guy leading it used a map of Indonesia as a musical stave of sorts, which was cool. Also free prawn crackers.


Summary: tough security, nice building, entertaining music, had to pay for food. Also, awkward photos on the wall.



Summary: pretty drawings on the pavement outside that continued into the building (at this point in the day I was exhausted and the photos were few and far between).


Summary: they were trying – lots of dancers, food, crafts – but it was all crammed inside a tent with no room to move. The building itself was practically empty. Poor organisation all round, really. Didn’t stay long.


Summary: awesome. Free food and drink, and absolutely incredible dancers and drummers. These guys could probably be sued for sexual harrassment if it wasn’t for the fact they were so damn friendly in their flirting.


Summary: um… nothing to report, really. Not a lot going on. I was mostly disappointed there was no pad ghana for sale (in joke!).


Summary: Ethiopian Airlines gave me a free t-shirt! So that was nice. Also, 5 year plans.



The final haul:


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