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I was supposed to go to book group this afternoon to discuss The Happiness Project, the book that inspired this whole “daily photo” thing in the first place. However, because of track maintenance (the perils of living on the red line) and the rather out-of-the-way location in which the meeting was being held, I would’ve […]

…and it’s a quick, “arty” shot of my keyboard because I forgot to take anything else. Oops.

E Street cinema


You should all go see Beginners, Ewan McGregor’s new movie. Lovely.

My housemate


Hung out with one of my housemates today. There was a lot of “dance dance!”

People watching


This afternoon at Dupont Circle.

Red Cross scars


It’s been a week since I gave blood and my arm, if possible, looks even worse. I’m surprised no well meaning person has tried to surreptitiously hand me a pamphlet on domestic violence. Somewhat ironically today I got a package from my awesome friend Emma, which included a fantastic (albeit slightly random) calendar of old […]