No fancy photos of fireworks today



Just this hideous image of my poor skinned knee. Fell over this evening while walking home from the metro. Two passing drivers stopped (on a major highway intersection) and got out to check if I was ok. Hooray for good samaritans! Luckily severe embarassment was the only real damage done.


2 Responses to “No fancy photos of fireworks today”

  1. 1 Matthew

    Another example of your Miranda-like qualities. Also, I hope you are ok. Just remember, those people who helped you weren’t a caring as the people who would laugh at you.

    “The first to laugh is the first to care.” A. Antonello.

  2. 2 justsomethings

    I strenuously object to the Miranda comparisons. Skinned knee has turned into an impressively bruised knee, unfortunately.

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