My Evening



The photo’s not very exciting, but I did have a great evening – after work I headed down to the Landmark E Street Cinema* in the hopes of getting a ticket to a sneak preview of the new season of Torchwood. Unfortunately I got there just too late, but it premieres on tv (and I think the interwebs) on Friday, so it’s not as if I’ll be deprived for too long. Decided to see “Front Page” instead, the new documentary about The New York Times. Incredible film, and has made me all gung-ho about the importance of newspapers. For best results you should watch it along with Bill Cunningham New York, another great film about the newspaper.

I also bought a copy of the Washingtonian magazine, because it’s their annual “best of” issue, and I’m always up for suggestions of awesome things to see and do in the city. I’ve only read about half so far, but this is a surprisingly good magazine! Really interesting mix of stories. Highly recommended.

* Can I just gush a little about how much I love the E Street Cinema? It’s in a slightly weird location – across from the FBI and on the same block as DC’s biggest tourist-trap souvenir stores – but it’s like this little pocket of loveliness in drab downtown. They show a fantastic range of movies, the staff are incredibly friendly, and they sell delicious food and alcohol (beer and sweet potato tater tots for me tonight!). If that’s not enough, whoever runs their twitter account is hilarious: a few weeks ago he/she/it rewatched Batman Forever and live tweeted it. Comedy gold.


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