Reading Update


Just added Cloud Atlas: A Novel, by David Mitchell, to my “finished reading” list. This novel was AMAZING, and you should all read it immediately. Many thanks to Susannah for the suggestion.

Next up: The Happiness Project for book group (really need to get started on that, argh), then maybe some travel writing? (thanks to Sandro for that suggestion). Probably something American-related, as befitting an American gap yah.

I should perhaps say: I do read a lot more than these lists possibly suggest. A while ago I signed up for Delivereads, a fantastic (free!) service run by Dave Pell. He chooses four or five meaty, long-form pieces of writing/journalism, and sends them out so they’re automagically delivered to your kindle, every Sunday night. The articles are not usually the kinds of thing I’d seek out on my own, but in every edition so far I’ve seriously enjoyed at least of the couple of the pieces on offer.

As an example, every single one of the articles in the June 5 edition were incredible:

So yeah, highly recommended service. Sign up! (Not sure it’ll work with kindle for ipad or other similar apps; give it a go anyway.)

I’m also using instapaper more and more to also deliver longer articles to my kindle. Another fantastically convenient service.

And finally, yesterday I subscribed to the New York Times kindle edition. After getting all gung-ho about the importance of newspapers because of seeing Page One on Wednesday, on Thursday Amazon fortuitously announced that kindle NYT subscribers would now get full access to For 20 bucks a month! With a two week free trial! I punched that like it was going out of fashion.

It was so nice to read the newspaper on the train this morning, without the hassle of actually trying to read a broadsheet newspaper on a train. Not all the articles seem to show up on the kindle, and not all photos and diagrams are there. But with full access to NYT online it doesn’t matter all that much.

Guys, I can get the New York Times delivered to me while I wait for the train. The future is seriously amazing.


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