Down to the wire



Must. post. photo. before. midnight.

The weather today was gross. Hot, muggy, with a low lying haze. And then a destructive storm this evening that blew through taking out trees and power but not the heat. And we get it all again tomorrow… only hotter.

So here, have an arty photo of my fan. I’ll be sticking close to it in the coming days.


2 Responses to “Down to the wire”

  1. 1 matthew

    Mads, I know it is hard work putting up a photo each day. But, I must say that it’s totes worth it. I have been thoroughly enjoying your pictoral account of your Washington stay. There’s some really great photos coming through!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. 2 justsomethings

    Thanks punk – the main problem I’m having is on days like today and yesterday, when I didn’t do anything particularly exciting. Not every day can be fireworks and national monuments…

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