A lovely walk in the sunshine


The weather was nice today! I’m sorry I talk about the weather a lot, but I can’t help it. It has such a direct and immediate impact on how I’m feeling that day, what I do, whether or not I hate the world and everyone in it… so today, when the temperature was only in the mid to high twenties and the humidity was low, I felt generally benevolent to the planet and its inhabitants. Hooray for that!

I had big plans for today which possibly involved going to the zoo, but I was a bit slow in getting moving after lunch, so just went for a walk instead, starting at the Cleveland Park metro station and wandering down Connecticut Avenue all the way to Dupont Circle (with a detour to the Whole Foods on P Street). The impressive lion above, along with some friends, guards the Taft Bridge.

There was also this detour at Open City Diner:

Mmm, oatmeal raisin cookies.

There’s an awful heat wave forecast for next week (the maps on that article are kinda scary), so I’m planning to get out out and about this weekend and enjoy the weather and my benevolent feelings toward humankind.


2 Responses to “A lovely walk in the sunshine”

  1. 1 matthew

    Fancy phone. That is all.

  2. 2 justsomethings

    I was using my fancy phone to check my email… in order to find addresses so I could send postcards. New school technology aids my old school hobbies.

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