Unexpected macaw!



Spotted after work this afternoon in Dupont Circle. This guy was just wandering around, chatting to the bird on his shoulder. Overheard him telling a girl that “we just walked down from U Street.” This is at least at 15 minute walk, which I imagine would take longer with AN ENORMOUS BIRD ON YOUR SHOULDER.


3 Responses to “Unexpected macaw!”

  1. 1 Housemate

    That man is very at peace with the idea of bird poo on his shirt.

    • 2 justsomethings

      About thirty seconds after I took that photo a bird crapped on my leg from a great height. Stupid birds.

      • 3 Housemate

        Are you sure it wasn’t a confederate of the macaw’s? I have had that happen to me twice in DC and each time it is profoundly scarring.

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