Emergency rations



Ok, I’ve tried to contain myself, but I really need to bitch about the weather for a while. Right now it’s 11:33pm an the temperature is still 31 degrees. And with humidity of 75% it feels like 42 degrees. 42 DEGREES. That’s insane. And tomorrow is going to be worse, if that’s even possible.

So yeah, I didn’t leave the house today. Which was fine, until it came time to eat, as I’ve been a little lax on the supermarket shopping this week (see: oppressive heat). But! Some rummaging in the freezer turned up a bag of mixed veggies and some edamame. Score!

Which is a long-winded way of saying: here, have a picture of what I ate for dinner.


3 Responses to “Emergency rations”

  1. 1 Matthew

    I’m melting, melting; oh, what a world!

  2. 3 Housemate


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