Red Cross scars



It’s been a week since I gave blood and my arm, if possible, looks even worse. I’m surprised no well meaning person has tried to surreptitiously hand me a pamphlet on domestic violence. Somewhat ironically today I got a package from my awesome friend Emma, which included a fantastic (albeit slightly random) calendar of old Red Cross propaganda posters.


5 Responses to “Red Cross scars”

  1. 1 Sandro

    Australia says no…

  2. 2 Susannah

    Jeepers creepers! Hope it gets better…

  3. 3 justsomethings

    It’s awful! Faded a little today, but the paler colour has revealed this weird cross-hatching pattern *within* the bruise which makes me look like I’ve been branded. Lovely.

  4. 4 Candice

    I searched this on, I hope it helps xo

    Domestic Violence Intake Ctr
    1328 Southern Ave SE # 311, Washington, DC 20032 » Map
    (202) 561-3000
    WashingtonWhat: Social Service Organizations

    (note: domesitc voilence is a serious matter, in this instance, I beleive it is appropriate that I make fun at the situation)

  5. 5 justsomethings

    I LOVE that you took the time to look that up, Candice – that’s dedication to a joke, my friend. It also means that you are totes my first call if I’m ever abused by someone other than the Red Cross, because you clearly know where to go for the right info!

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