Summer evening on Capitol Hill


I was supposed to go to book group this afternoon to discuss The Happiness Project, the book that inspired this whole “daily photo” thing in the first place. However, because of track maintenance (the perils of living on the red line) and the rather out-of-the-way location in which the meeting was being held, I would’ve spent roughly six hours travelling there and back on public transport. And that’s a fairly generous estimate. While I did like the book… I decided I didn’t like it quite that much. Instead I took the metro over to Eastern Market (took me over an hour, which made me doubly glad I hadn’t gone to the meeting; I may have never made it home), had dinner at Pound, then wandered past the Library of Congress on my way to the Capitol South metro station.

I’m really glad I persevered and maintained the daily photo thing. My other two “resolutions” – be better at replying to emails etc., and take a trip out of the DC area – were not such successes, but you can’t get everything right first go. In some ways t daily photo has helped with the keeping in contact resolution, acting as it has a kind of short diary update of what I’ve been up to. And while Alexandria is definitely still in the DC area, I did have a trip? Kinda? Yeah, no defending that one. But I do have rough plans to head up to New England in a few weeks, so it’s not all bad.

I think I will try to keep going with the daily photo posting. It’s a nice record of what I get up to over here (even if it does expose how boring my days sometimes are). We’ll see how long it lasts!


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