Mail galore today! I’ve been doing this thing called Postcrossing for the last couple of months – slightly naff (it does have a whiff of penpals about it), but who doesn’t like getting random things in the mail? Today was a bumper crop, with four postcards arriving. The best item in the haul, though, was the incredible card from Sandro. Cut of your jib! Can’t go wrong with that.


3 Responses to “Mailapalooza!”

  1. 1 Sandro

    Postcrossing… sounds a little like modern pen pals. Which makes me ask, are people pen pals any more?

  2. 3 justsomethings

    I object to the assertion that the only people who write postcards are “lmost certainly middle aged or elderly, already nervous and worried about all the problems older people face in this country” – both of us write postcards, and we’re not middle aged. Chronologically, anyway. Apart from that, I wholeheartedly agree: send more postcards!

    I should also say: I’ve always thought you write particularly hilarious messages on postcards.

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