Hell yeah



Harry Potter 7.2! IMAX! 3D! Excellent.

Saw 7.1 on IMAX in San Francisco, so thought I’d do the same for this movie. Liked 7.1 better, but I didn’t get food poisoning this time around (she says hopefully), so let’s call it draw.

Oh my god, getting home tonight was a fucking nightmare. Almost all of the stations on my rail line are shut for the whole weekend for “maintenance”, and they’re running shuttle buses instead. Complete shambles. Arrived at Metro Center at 9:30pm, didn’t get to Rockville Station until 11:30pm. And then I fell over on the median strip of the highway walking home, but no-one stopped to help (including a passing police car) because presumably I looked like a crazy drunk lady.

But hey! At least there was Harry Potter!


3 Responses to “Hell yeah”

  1. 1 Emma Farnell

    All you need now is to keep some pigeons in a cat-carry cage. And then you can be the crazed pigeon lady of Darwin – who also falls down in the street.
    Personally I still think its a conspiracy from Red Cross to cause you pain

    • 2 Candice

      HAHAHAHA Damn Red Cross strikes again!

      • 3 justsomethings

        It’s bloody Rockville Pike. Evil stretch of road. I’ve also been almost hit by cars along there a few times, but that happens pretty much everywhere in this car-obsessed country, so i can’t really include it in any Pike-related conspiracy.

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