I <3 Amazon


Went to turn on my kindle this morning… and was faced with this. That’s a normally functioning e-reader at the bottom, and John Steinbeck’s streaky forehead at the top. Turns out when I fell over last night on my walk home I possibly fell on my bag? And hence on my kindle? Even though it was in its case the screen still broke. Enormous sad face.

But! I called Amazon this ¬†morning, and the lovely ladies at customer support set me up with a replacement… for free! Craziness. I don’t even have to pay for the shipping, for either the new one, or to send the broken one back. And it’s apparently arriving on Tuesday. Not only is the replacement free, it’s also speedy.

So high five to Amazon and they’re amazing customer service!


2 Responses to “I <3 Amazon”

  1. 1 Susannah

    Unfortunately my customer experience of amazon was way worse … After the original delivery was stolen, it took so many attempts at contacting them to get a new one and even then they didn’t refund the stolen case, just the kindle despite my advice that the whole shipment was stolen ! I am too fed up with it to start harassing them about that too. Maybe it’s a US based vs rest of the world thing…. Or I was unlucky. Anyway glad you’ve been rekindled.

    • 2 justsomethings

      Argh, I remember you mentioning your Amazon dramas. I think the US v Australia thing would have a lot to do with it. Also, as someone pointed out to me, they basically want to keep me buying books, and at this point I’ve probably spent a kindle’s worth on ebooks directly from amazon. So based on my buying history it’ll turn out to be a good investment on amazon’s part.

      There was a long comment thread on Riot-ACT a couple of days ago with people bitching about delivery people in Canberra leaving packages in stupid places, or not even checking if someone was at home before leaving the slip thingy. Made me think of you and your amazon delivery woes!

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