This is where I’ve been most of the day – staring at* with my Lonely Planet on one side and a map of the US on the other (plus my trusty Amtrak route map in the background for luck). This is such a big bloody country, and there are so many travel options and booking websites and ratings and arrghh, it does my head in. Currently plotting two small trips in the next month and a half, and then the mother of all trips with my friend Emma in October. It will be epic.

Random fact I learned while doing research for the epic trip of epicness: there is a town in New Mexico called “Truth or Consequences”. It was originally called Hot Springs, but in 1950, “Ralph Edwards, the host of the radio quiz show Truth or Consequences, announced that he would air the program from the first town that renamed itself after the show. Hot Springs won the honor.” (From wikipedia) Oh America, never change.

* If you haven’t yet discovered the wonder of KAYAK, you’re missing out. It compares prices for hotels, flights, car rentals, and holiday packages from heaps of different sites, and then presents them in a crazily easy to skim way. I particularly like the way you can limit by which airport you want to fly into (very useful in DC with its three airports), and by takeoff and landing times. It includes Australian info too (think webjet, but not stupid.)


3 Responses to “Planning”

  1. 1 Candice

    hehe I really liked the little fact in there!

    • 2 justsomethings

      I guess “Truth or Consequences” is better than living in a town called “Sale of the Century”.

  2. 3 Emma Farnell

    You are planning! There are MAPS! And websites! And Lonley Planet! Be still my beating heart. Our conversation yesterday was the best thing about my weekend. And I am now looking at car hire places and travel insurance. WE ARE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP……hopefully without serial killers

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