My parents sent my Tasmanian* finger puppets! To help with the cultivation of an Australian accent in my mini-housemate! Best care package ever!

Watching my adult-sized housemates eat Wizz Fizz for the first time was pretty entertaining. They didn’t believe me when I said you get a little shovel with which to eat it… until they pulled out the little shovel. Ahh, the taste of my childhood.

*The Chinese factory that made these Tasmanian finger puppets clearly didn’t realise that we have no koalas in the Apple Isle.


7 Responses to “Crikey!”

  1. Despite J’s fear of it, I happily finished off the packet of Wizz Fizz. I highly approve. Mmmmm.

  2. 2 Sandro

    I now crave Wizz Fizz; can Doctorrrr and Missesss C send me some?

  3. 4 Emma Farnell

    I am the worst Australian ever. I did not realise that Ricky’s home island is koala (and drop-bear) free. Shame – I think it would have been best if Ricky had been mauled by a drop-bear as a young child.

    • 5 justsomethings

      Yeah, when Tasmanian animals get sick they go hardcore with facial tumours. None of your wussy mainland chlamydia.

      (Honestly just had this thought while typing that: “Chlamydia! Hard to spell, easy to get!” It’s funny because it’s true.)

  4. 6 parental figure

    Where are you Sandro? Will send wizz fizzes as requested

  5. 7 Housemate

    I love how your parental figure galloped in to save the day with painful sugar packets! That is truly heroic!

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