A decent latte! Delicious even! In the US! Miraculous!

Actually, to be completely honest, I haven’t found the coffee all that bad over here, but that’s probably because, (1) I don’t actually drink that much anymore, and (2) I’m fairly picky about where I’ll drink it. I go to Starbucks a few times a week, but will only get tea (which is surprisingly good), or filter coffee (which I’ve developed a bit of a taste for). Pound at Eastern Market does delicious nutella lattes if you want something fancy (their iced drinks also delicious), and Open City at Woodley Park and its sister restaurant Tryst are good for more standard coffee fare.

The gorgeous latte above is from Dolcezza in Bethesda, an “artisnal gelato” place (wank) that seem to be crazy serious about their coffee. I’d walked past the Dupont Circle location heaps of times but never went in; this evening I was in Bethesda for dinner and wandered in on a whim. Excellent choice! One of the best coffees I’ve had over here, and the biscuit cake thing (it was filled with dulce de leche and covered in coconut) was also yummy. They were even running a coffee tasting session, so I’m now feeling just a little bit over-caffeinated.


3 Responses to “Miracle”

  1. 1 Emma Farnell

    Can I request that we go there when we end up in the Washington? Also Bethesda just makes me think of NCIS. Pretty sure that makes be pathetic

  2. 2 Sandro

    Hooray! I also recently found the very best coffee in this city, I think. Just of Lincoln’s Inn Fields for those who are interested. Also agree that a good filter coffee is tasty and lovely to drink. Punch it!

  1. 1 The coffee was so good the first time around… « Just some things

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