Miracles clearly do happen


This is stretching the definition of “daily photo” considerably, but I really didn’t do much more today apart from go to work and come home again.

So yes, I’ve started doing the Couch-to-5K running plan! This is so far removed from my usual approach to life, the universe, and everything I figure I need to tell as many people as possible in order to stick with it. So, interweaves, feel free to harass and make sure I finish the whole nine weeks. We’ll see how it goes…


7 Responses to “Miracles clearly do happen”

  1. 1 matthew

    I don’t even know you anymore!

  2. 2 parental figure

    Me neither

  3. 3 Candice

    RUN MADDDDYY RUNNN!!!!! (in Forrest Gump little girl voice)
    I wish I could be the person on the bike behind you, yelling words of encouragement and sometimes a tad of abuse LOL
    I’m doing a fun run in Canberra next month, 5km, to support a friend as well as for a good cause. I can feel the pain already. Perhaps I should get the Couch to 5km app?

  4. 4 Sandro

    Random. Can we call your style of running (because it will surely be quite individual) the Missesssss-Cooperrrrrrr shuffle?

  5. 5 Susannah

    Well done! I did that program a few years later and I will honestly say that it changed my life. It made it easy to run, and once it’s easy to run, you have high intensity exercise easily accessible, always. The hardest part for me was getting to the 5 minute uninterrupted run. Good luck!

  6. 6 Susannah

    And when I say later, I mean *ago*.

  7. 7 justsomethings

    So I didn’t comment notification emails for any of these. Sorry kids! Didn’t mean to ignore you all. To Matt, my mother, and Sandro I say, “bah”. Whatevs. To Candice and Susannah I say, “thanks!” Did day 2 this evening (before Irene comes in and spoils any running plans), felt good.

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