The end is nigh?


God, it’s been a week. There’s been the good (Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh at the Kennedy Center!), the intense (work has been crazy, and will stay that way for at least the next month and a half), and the weird (EARTHQUAKE). And now… hurricane! It doesn’t look like it’ll hit the DC area that badly – we’re not a coastal area, after all – but that clearly didn’t stop some panic buying of bottled water. I took this photo at the CVS (a chain of pharmacies, along the lines of Priceline in Australia) this afternoon after work. Decimated.

Apart from the chance of losing power (fairly good odds, considering how crap the electricity company is here) we should be fine – a lot of rain, but not much else. So hopefully I’ll get the chance to catch up on daily photo posts this weekend, for as long as the power and/or my battery hold out.

Can I just say again though, for the craziness factor: earthquake AND hurricane in the same week. This continent is a little bit insane.


One Response to “The end is nigh?”

  1. 1 Candice

    So did anything much happen?

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