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I’m alive!


Hmm, two weeks since my last post. That’s not all that good, is it? Apologies – my site stats tell me that there at least five of you who come by every day to check for an update. Dedication! Unfounded dedication, but still. No real reason/excuse for the lack of updates. I’ve been feeling a […]

Happy new year, crazy kids! Since we last spoke I’ve left Seattle, spent a lovely Christmas in Canada, and moved on to Washington, DC, where I’m now furiously looking for places to live and work. It’s been a bit busy, is what I’m saying. But! I’ll try to throw a few posts up today (still […]

Sorry for the radio silence folks – I came down with an evil stomach bug on Wednesday night, and haven’t been up to much more than lying in bed being pathetic the last few days.  But!  Before I was cruelly felled by a virus of malicious intent I did make it out to a few […]



Hello!  So begins the so-called “social media strategy” for my trip?  Or something?  Who knows how all of this will work out, but I thought I’d start by reviving an old wordpress account, deleting all of the old stupid posts and starting afresh.  I’ll probably mainly post photos here, especially now that I have a […]