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Final days


Week and a half before I leave these fine shores, and only five days left in DC. Craziness. Spending the final week slowly meandering my way to Los Angeles, via Birmingham, AL (of all places) and San Francisco. Looking forward to getting the train from SF to LA; day-long trip where the rails hug the […]

Last day


Last day at work. Sad, because I will miss everyone lots and lots and lots, but not too much, because I’m so thankful I got to work for them at all, and I know we’ll all keep in touch. Possible return of the daily photo* now I’m not working and may actually do vaguely exciting […]

God, it’s been a week. There’s been the good (Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh at the Kennedy Center!), the intense (work has been crazy, and will stay that way for at least the next month and a half), and the weird (EARTHQUAKE). And now… hurricane! It doesn’t look like it’ll hit the DC […]

This is stretching the definition of “daily photo” considerably, but I really didn’t do much more today apart from go to work and come home again. So yes, I’ve started doing the Couch-to-5K running plan! This is so far removed from my usual approach to life, the universe, and everything I figure I need to […]

Another good day in this nation’s capital, even with the severe thunderstorm warning. Went for a “brisk walk” this morning, then headed into the city to have a poke around Eastern Market. Bought some peaches and the ┬ápaper, headed across the road for lunch at Pound. By this time the sky had turned an ominous […]

Milo! In my local supermarket! It’s Columbian milo (wtf?), but it tastes almost the same – I think there’s a slight difference because this one has corn syrup. But still! Exciting! Good day all round, really. Went to a pilates class, did some shopping, found milo, cooked a curry, then watched an episode of Star […]

  But beer + a long call to a member of the Canberra urban family can fix many ills. Mmm, beer. There was also a burger. And fries. (Dining experience would’ve been more pleasant if I hadn’t had to listen to the batshit insane waitress trying to convince her co-worker to prepare for the imminent […]