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I guess I still have a blog? That I haven’t updated in over two months? Yeah. Sorry about that. September was insane, with conferences and board meetings and receptions and curriculum development (seriously), and then October I was off galavanting across this great country (Skyline Drive, Charlottesville, Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, Raleigh, Beaufort, Wilmington, the […]



A decent latte! Delicious even! In the US! Miraculous! Actually, to be completely honest, I haven’t found the coffee all that bad over here, but that’s probably because, (1) I don’t actually drink that much anymore, and (2) I’m fairly picky about where I’ll drink it. I go to Starbucks a few times a week, […]

Ok, I’ve tried to contain myself, but I really need to bitch about the weather for a while. Right now it’s 11:33pm an the temperature is still 31 degrees. And with humidity of 75% it feels like 42 degrees. 42 DEGREES. That’s insane. And tomorrow is going to be worse, if that’s even possible. So […]

Sorry, a quiet day at home leads to a boring daily photo. Here, everyone take a look at my lunch? I grew the basil myself, and the yoghurt + feta dip is my own concoction… yeah, there’s really no way to make this interesting. Will try harder tomorrow!

So, no posts since May 5. Huh. That’s not good, is it? Things have been a little bit crazy busy here in the life of Mads, particularly work-wise. How about a quick run down of various things I’ve been up to, and then some photos after that? Ok. Here goes: Had dinner with strangers Grubwithus […]

Easter fun


Apparently painting eggs is a big thing over here for Easter! Who knew! Instead of hunting for chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday, you go hunting for painted eggs. My housemates were painting eggs on Friday night and I got to do a couple myself. I’m quite proud of this one: I also drew a map […]

Food weekend


The Whole Foods in my neighbourhood has recently relocated to bigger and better brand-spanking new premises, and on Saturday I wandered down to take a look. I have clearly not been to every supermarket chain in the world, but I am fairly confident when I say Whole Foods is the greatest supermarket chain on the […]