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Happy holidays!


So I guess I knew this intellectually, but wow, Americans do Christmas hard core.  There’s the rampant consumerism, of course, but I think that’s probably a given at this point.  I’ve been genuinely impressed, though, by the decorations!  Coming from a town where there are perpetual arguments in the local paper about bogans ruining everybody’s […]

The Bridge


It’s clearly against some kind of law to go to San Francisco and not see the Golden Gate Bridge.  I started at Crissy Field and walked towards the bridge… taking about a billion photos on the way.  The weather was not fantastic (stupid fog once again) but once I actually made it onto the bridge […]

The ocean!


Last week while recovering from my Stomach Bug of Death I took the metro all the way out to the last stop before the Pacific, Ocean Beach.  The weather was pretty horrible: damp and foggy, but it’s always nice to walk on a beach (even if you can’t actually see much of it). I walked […]

I very nearly gave up on this place.  It’s a natural history museum within Golden Gate Park, which is located a bit of a distance away from my hotel.  But I set out on Wednesday morning, resolute, armed with an umbrella because it was pissing down.  My first mistake was not writing down the directions […]



On Tuesday I made it out to Alcatraz, the infamous (? I guess?) prison perched on a rock smack bang in the middle of San Francisco Bay.  It was a beautiful day in our nation’s… wait, no, wrong continent.  It was a beautiful day in SF and I made my merry way down to the […]

Sorry for the radio silence folks – I came down with an evil stomach bug on Wednesday night, and haven’t been up to much more than lying in bed being pathetic the last few days.  But!  Before I was cruelly felled by a virus of malicious intent I did make it out to a few […]



Over the last few days I’ve been in battle with American coat sizes.  For once in my life I had no problem whatsoever finding jeans that were long enough for me, but I was thwarted by coats. Seriously, do North American women have crazy short arms?  That can surely be the only sensible explanation for […]