This is stretching the definition of “daily photo” considerably, but I really didn’t do much more today apart from go to work and come home again.

So yes, I’ve started doing the Couch-to-5K running plan! This is so far removed from my usual approach to life, the universe, and everything I figure I need to tell as many people as possible in order to stick with it. So, interweaves, feel free to harass and make sure I finish the whole nine weeks. We’ll see how it goes…


Another good day in this nation’s capital, even with the severe thunderstorm warning. Went for a “brisk walk” this morning, then headed into the city to have a poke around Eastern Market. Bought some peaches and the  paper, headed across the road for lunch at Pound.

By this time the sky had turned an ominous shade of grey and my twitter feed was full of dire predictions from the Capital Weather Gang about flash floods and thunderstorms with hail, so I got back on the metro and headed to the American Art Museum. This was the view when I emerged at Gallery Place: storm ahoy! Managed to completely avoid the rain, and got to experience the huge storm in the glassed-in courtyard instead. Pretty cool to see the water running down over the ceiling.

The Museum’s got a new temporary exhibition, The Great American Hall of Wonders, all about “art, science, and invention in the nineteenth century.” Really excellent stuff – I love the American Art Museum because they include a liberal dose of history along with the art. The mechanical objects on display could’ve done with a bit more interpreting, but in general it was very well explained. My favourite item on display was a page from A Statistical Atlas of the United States Based on the Results of the Ninth Census 1870, by Francis Walker. Just look at this beautiful chart! Mmm, statistics.

Edited to add: two reviews of the American Hall of Wonders exhibition, from the New York Times and the Washington Post. I agree with the Post that there is some “over reading” of the objects, but I agree with the Times’ description more: “an unusual and provocative collection”. Both reviews say that the catalogue is excellent, which is true, and why I bought it.


Milo! In my local supermarket! It’s Columbian milo (wtf?), but it tastes almost the same – I think there’s a slight difference because this one has corn syrup. But still! Exciting!

Good day all round, really. Went to a pilates class, did some shopping, found milo, cooked a curry, then watched an episode of Star Trek: Voyager where the crew use the petrified remains of an alien as a compass. Oh Star Trek, never change.


But beer + a long call to a member of the Canberra urban family can fix many ills. Mmm, beer. There was also a burger. And fries.

(Dining experience would’ve been more pleasant if I hadn’t had to listen to the batshit insane waitress trying to convince her co-worker to prepare for the imminent alien invasion. She was also very vocal in her support of Ron Paul. Of course.)

I went back this afternoon, this time to the Dolcezza in Dupont Circle. Not quite as delicious as last week, but still excellent. (Once again I couldn’t wait to take a bite of the biscuit.)

The Hour



You’re not watching this? What are you, insane?!

Navy Band


Went to a free concert this evening by the U.S. Navy Band, held appropriately at the Navy Memorial in downtown DC. It was a beautiful evening, and the band was fantastic. It was a pretty eclectic program – things you’d expect like the National Anthem, a sea shanty, and a couple of patriotic “America is awesome” songs (which I didn’t recognise), along with lots of newer stuff like the theme from E.T. and “Up Where We Belong” from An Officer and a Gentleman. There was also an awkward section of songs to “celebrate African culture”. The songs? The theme from The Lion King, and “Africa” by Toto. Weird.